Recycle to Earn!

Join Circularr today to get exclusive rewards and help to save the planet from the devastating effects of plastic pollution.
The app is coming soon! Be the first to join us and receive exclusive rewards and updates.

Join the recycling revolution

Join Circularr today and get exclusive rewards whilst helping to save the planet from the devastating effects of plastic pollution.

The app is coming soon! Be the first to join us and receive exclusive rewards and updates.

Why join Circularr?

We are on a mission to put the trust back into recycling. 

All you need to do is recycle with Circularr, claim your rewards, and we take it from there. And the best bit? With the Circularr app, you can track the journey of your plastic bottle from start to finish.

Why use Circularr?

Recycle it

Change the world one plastic bottle at a time. By joining the Circularr economy, you are helping to keep plastic out of the planet's land and oceans.

Reverse it

Full traceability and accountability. By using our Reverse Vending Machines, you are turning your plastic bottle into something useful.

Recycle to Earn!

Not only can you use your $CIRP tokens in our exclusive rewards app, but you can also exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

How does it work?

Each time you recycle a plastic bottle in the Reverse Vending Machine, your Circularr wallet is automatically topped up with $CIRP tokens.

You can use these tokens to claim rewards at a number of different retailers or exchange them for other currencies.

Partner with us

Are you interested in reducing the levels of plastic pollution in the world?

Do you want to increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty?

If this sounds interesting to you, join our rewards scheme to offer exclusive rewards to your customers and help save the planet!

Our partners


Introducing Circularr the home of sustainable blockchain technology. Launching the World’s first sustainable crypto asset backed by transparent recycling & manufacturing.

Circularr is a sustainable blockchain ecosystem. Focused on the incubation and development of sustainable crypto assets backed by sustainable commodities. The first asset will be backed by plastic recycling and the value of rPET plastic.

Circularr was born out of a need to provide transparency and traceability to legitimise sustainability claims and eliminate green washing by individuals and organisations.

Our first asset is $CIRP which powers a decentralised recycling network that aims to streamline interactions between organisations, consumers and recyclers by:

  • Simplifying the recycling process & decreasing pollution levels.
  • Providing transparency and traceability within the recycling, sustainable textile and manufacturing industries.
  • Driving behavioural and environmental change with a transparent and open ecosystem.

Our solution will not only power traceability and work to commoditise the value of recycled plastic, and other sustainable assets. Our ecosystem will be used as a tool for advertising and promotion by organisations and individuals while also providing ESG and CSR benefits.

From the launch of $CIRP we will issue 8.3B tokens. Each token corresponds to the current amount of metric tons of plastic that have been produced to date. Based on the world’s current production of plastic waste at a rate of 300M metric tons per year, we may through governance and voting decide to issue tokens on an annual basis in line with the production of plastic waste. With the overall goal of having all plastic being recycled, tracked and traced via our network.
We believe any token or asset should not be based on pure speculation but designed around utility and use case to drive real value within the Circularr ecosystem. This is why all assets we develop will be architected from the ground up from a point of real world use cases.
During the initial release of the Circularr network we will have a primary focus on the deployment and integration of our reverse vending machines, and the roll out of our track and trace applications with our selected partners.

The initial process will function as follows:

  1. A user deposits a plastic bottle into one of the Reverse Vending Machines and receives tokens into their wallet.
  2. Users can either hold, trade their tokens in our native wallet to receive rewards, vouchers or immediately swap to fiat currency they can also trade the tokens on a centralised (CEX) or decentralised exchange (DEX) for other crypto or fiat currencies.
  3. Merchant partners can pay in fiat currency or in $CIRP token to run dynamic advertisements on the RVM’s.
  4. Recycling partners use or buy tokens to collect the recycled plastic from the machines.
  5. Plastic is collected, recycled, tracked and traced on the open ledger with the offset and benefits going to the selected recycling and corporate partners.

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